CAA Summer Drive-in Series.

AVentPro is proud to present the CAA Summer Drive-In Series, a pop-up drive-in movie theatre at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport, in conjunction with title sponsor CAA Manitoba. The event is presented by Peak of the Market in partnership with Winnipeg Airports Authority, Travel Manitoba, QX104 and 94-3 The Drive.

Movies are screened  nightly on a state-of-the-art, HD LED screen measuring nine metres by five metres, set up in the airport’s economy parking lot allowing a great view for every vehicle.

Physical distancing measures outlined by the Government of Manitoba will be followed during every movie showing. Concessions can be purchased online with contactless delivery right to your vehicle!

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Five things you need to know before heading to the CAA Summer Drive-In Series  

Event details.

  • Online Reservation System: In order to minimize contact between the public and our team and to ensure that no one leaves their home needlessly, all ticket sales will be sold online in advance, there will be no ticket sales at the box office. Your online ticket will guarantee your entrance, but not a specific parking spot.
  • Hearing the Movie: The movie soundtrack is broadcasted on FM radio station 92.7

Venue location.

Things to know.

  • No Pets: As you won’t be allowed out of your vehicle to walk them, please leave your pets at home.
  • Parking Guidelines: You are not allowed to sit in the back of your truck or have any doors / trunk open. Vehicles >=6’ tall will be directed to the rear section. Vehicles >=5’ and <=6’ will be directed to the middle section. Vehicles <=5’ will be parked in the front section.
  • Concessions: Please come prepared to support our concession stand. It’s a limited menu, but there’s authentic Movie Popcorn, Pepsi products, and Mini-Donuts! Order at for delivery to your vehicle.
  • Hearing the Movie: The movie soundtrack will be played on FM radio station 92.7
  • Lot Attendants: You will need to park, as directed, in the appointed parking spot and will not be permitted to move once parked.
  • Limited Hours: The gates will open 45 minutes before the show, allowing plenty of time to get parked and place your order from concession, using our app.
  • Facilities: Washrooms will have social distancing measures including limited capacity.
  • Online Reservation System: In order to minimize contact between the public and our team and to ensure that no one leaves their home needlessly, all ticket sales will be sold online in advance, there will be no ticket sales at the box office. Your online ticket will guarantee your entrance, but not a specific parking spot.

The following guidelines should be followed by patrons, volunteers and staff.

  • Physical distancing must be observed at all times when outside the vehicle for essential purposes, such as to use the washroom, with a minimum of two metres between individuals when outside their vehicles.
  • Vehicles must be separated by a minimum of two metres.
  • Windows and sunroofs may be open; doors and trunks must remain closed.
  • Only individuals from the same household may occupy the same vehicle.
  • If staff or volunteers are required to have contact with any equipment (e.g. speaker), the equipment must be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
  • Access to washroom facilities must be limited to no more than 25 people at one time.
  • Where washroom access is provided, frequent cleaning and disinfection must take place before, during and after the service.
  • Physical distancing of two metres must be maintained for those waiting for washroom facilities.
  • Food/concession services that are provided should follow applicable restaurant guidelines.
  • Where possible, payments should be accepted through contactless methods.
  • All other services and common areas must be suspended, including picnic areas and play areas.
  • Employees must have access to soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for hand hygiene, as well as appropriate cleaner and disinfectants.
  • Employees and volunteers are required to stay home if they are sick or symptomatic.
  • Patrons should be reminded that anyone who is feeling sick or symptomatic must remain at home, even if they stay in their vehicles at all times.


Know before you go!

How can we pay?

All tickets must be purchased online - you will present your printed ticket upon arrival. Don't have a printer? Save the PDF to your smartphone for presentation on arrival.

Our concession can only accept orders placed through   You will need to enter 2000 Wellington Avenue as your address and enter your PYLON NUMBER and the Make and Colour of your vehicle in the “Apartment” field. i.e. A11 White Camry

Can I change my ticket?
Refunds will not be issued for purchases on the wrong day, movie or time and tickets are not transferable to another day, movie or time.
Where is the best parking spot?
Each spot has been designated accounting for mandated social distancing. Your prepaid ticket guarantees your entry but does not guarantee a specific parking spot.
What time do the gates open?
The gates will open 45 minutes prior to the posted showtime. As all tickets are purchased in advance, there will be no need to arrive extra early. Please have your printed or electronic ticket ready for presentation at the box office.
Do you have a concession (snack bar)?
Yes. The concession menu is available through During this time of COVID-19, please help us stay healthy by carrying out whatever you carry in. PLEASE take your garbage home with you.
Does the movie play in the rain?
Yes, the movie plays no matter the weather, the show must go on.
What time does the movie start?
Please check individual weekly show schedules for exact times.
Am I able to stay for the next screening if I have a ticket?
No. All vehicles must leave the site at the end of each screening.
What time should I arrive?
At the posted gate opening time (45 minutes prior to show time) to ensure plenty of time to find your spot directed by the lot attendants, order your concessions and get settled in.
Can I get in after show starts?
Yes. As all tickets are pre-purchased, you may arrive after the show has started. However, please bear in mind your headlights and vehicle noise may be distracting to other patrons, so it is advised to arrive before the movie starts.
Can I sit outside my vehicle?
You can sit immediately to the left of your vehicle, as long as the windows of the vehicle next to you are closed, and as long as people remain two metres apart at all times.
I have friends arriving later. Can I reserve a spot next to mine for them?
No. During this time of social distancing, you may not park near anyone else. This will be strictly enforced by event staff.
Can I park backwards and leave doors / trunk open or sit in the bed of my truck?
No. Manitoba Health requires all doors and trunks to remain closed.
How do I hear the movie soundtrack?

The movie soundtrack is broadcast on 92.7 FM.

What about alcohol?
Drinking and driving is against the law. In Manitoba, you are not allowed to drink alcohol in a public place unless it has been specifically approved as a place where drinking may occur. The drive-in does not have a liquor license.
How late is the concession open?
The concession closes about 30 minutes prior to the end of the movie.
Can I talk during the movies?
Sure, if the people in your car will let you. That’s the nice thing about going to the drive-in, you can talk during the movies! However, please be considerate of those around you, especially if you are sitting outside.
Can I smoke?
Smoking/vaping is only permitted within the confines of your own vehicle. Please be considerate of those around you.
What about cannabis?

Short Answer: No

Long Answer: No

The Cannabis Act of MB:

  • Sets 19 as the provincial minimum age to purchase, sell or consume cannabis.
  • Allows adults to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis in a public space.
  • Prohibits cannabis smoking and vaping everywhere tobacco smoking and vaping are prohibited, as well as at playgrounds, sports fields, skate parks and other places where children commonly gather.Prohibits the use of cannabis on school properties and in vehicles.

Consumption in vehicles and boats:

  1. A person must not consume cannabis while:
    (a) operating a vehicle or boat, or
    (b) in or on a vehicle or boat being operated by another person
  2. A person must not operate a vehicle or boat if the person knows that another person is smoking or vaping cannabis in the vehicle or boat.
  3. Subsections 1. and 2. apply regardless of whether the vehicle or boat is in motion.

Can we bring a BBQ?
BBQ's are NOT permitted. We ask that you be considerate of your fellow drive-in patrons and restrict your BBQ'ing to your own backyard.
Can I bring my dog/cat?
No. Due to health regulations, there is no walking your pet at the drive-in, and as such, we request you leave your pet at home. Entry may be denied without refund if you arrive with a pet. Government Certified Service Animals are always welcome and you will be required to present your government issued ID.
My car has Daytime Running Lights. What should I do?
Most daytime running lights will turn off when you engage emergency brake. Shut off your vehicle, set the emergency parking brake, then turn your vehicle back on. Before the movie starts, please do a "test" to ensure that it works, so that your lights don't come on during the movie if you start your car.
Will the drive-in kill my battery? And if so, what do I do?
In the event that your battery dies, CAA will be on hand to help.
Do I need to buy a ticket for each person in the vehicle?
No, each ticket covers everyone in the vehicle.
What about the guys in the trunk?
Every person in the vehicle must be in a seat with a seatbelt. During this time of social distancing, having people in your trunk is just a bad idea. In any case, admission is charged per vehicle – not per person.
Can you tell me when you are playing a specific movie, or what is playing on a specific date?
We usually know which movies will play about 5-7 days before the play date. We will update our website and online ticketing portal the moment our bookings are confirmed.